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Members Save $$$ On Unemployment Costs
We know that unemployment costs are on the rise. After researching vendors and products, NYCON has chosen to endorse the First Nonprofit Unemployment Savings Program, LLC to provide our members with a turnkey solution to save money on their unemployment tax costs.

First Nonprofit Unemployment Savings Program, LLC has saved thousands of dollars for our colleagues in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Dakota.

First Nonprofit Companies has agreed to develop a free cost savings analysis for each of our members. They’ll tell you how much money you will save. And if you’re better off staying in the state tax system, they’ll tell you that too! As an added benefit to NYCON members only, First Nonprofit Companies will give you 20% off their one-time enrollment fee!
How Much Will it Cost Us?
  • Switching to an Unemployment Savings Program can actually save you 20% to 60% per year!
  • NYCON members saved over $350,000 in 2006!
  • NYCON Member receive free cost-savings analysis plus 20% off the FNP one-time enrollment fee
How Can We Get This?
Contact Cecilia Piazza, Unemployment Program Director, Fist Nonprofit Companies, (800) 526-4352 ext. 7729.

How Can I Learn More?
NYCON has scheduled workshops through September across New York State. Please click here for a workshop near you.


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